Apply to Become a Memnosyne Interfaith Scholar!

Sponsored by the Memnosyne Foundation, the Memnosyne Interfaith Scholarship is designed to support a graduate student completing advanced research related to interfaith studies, relations and action. The research will support not merely religious tolerance and dialogue, but real cooperation — the assertion being that in order to live harmoniously in a multi-religious civil society with democratic structures and a secular government real cooperation is needed. An approach based upon collaborative pragmatism rather than conflicting idealistic principles is needed in order to achieve a peaceful way of life. All religions carry their distinct revelations. Collaborative pragmatism implies not dominating and destroying these diverse revelations, but cooperating in order to compliment and fulfill them in our ever new and changing world.

The scholar will be chosen by the Memnosyne Foundation, and through our association with the Global Theological Education Program of Perkins School of Theology and the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue. S/he will enter into scholarly partnerships at the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. In this four week research-centered program over the summer, the scholar will be offered the opportunity to use the facilities of Bridwell library, one of the finest collections of theological and multiple faith resources in the United States.

In addition to the research, Memnosyne will arrange for (two) public lectures or possible panel discussions during the fall for the benefit of the greater SMU community, Dallas-Fort Worth, and the promotion of the Memnosyne Foundation and its Center for Interfaith Inquiry. The lectures or panels will be designed to promote religious cooperation, interfaith relations and action, and demonstrate how all of these benefit a community. The Memnosyne scholar will provide both an extensive research paper and, as part of the presentation, provide examples of the validity and power of a society that embraces the power of interfaith relations and action, not just in theory, but in practice. S/he will return to Dallas-Fort Worth during the fall for purposes of these presentations.

To apply, and for a full explanation of benefits, please click here.

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