A Muslim Prayer for Victims by Quaiser Abdullah

In Islam, when we hear tragic news, we say, “From God we come and to Him is our return.” I pray for the well-being of the survivors of the horrendous tragedy and that as a national and global community, that we find a way to heal the suffering of the victims and those who perpetrate these vicious crimes. May we come together as a community to help heal and nurture the most vulnerable among us.

I also pray that our Muslim brothers who are tasked with the responsibility of giving the sermon this Friday, remember to include these victims and their survivors in their collective prayer. For many of us, the news came during or after the last weekly sermon, so this is an opportunity to add our voice to the collective prayer of the society that is calling for peace, calm and a new direction for those troubled in various ways.

Quaiser Abdullah, Faculty Advisor
Muslim Student Association, Temple University
Photo by Elsie esq., via Flickr Creative Commons.
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