New Initiative: “On the Spiritual Road: Seeking Faith and Religion in the United States”

“On the Spiritual Road: Seeking Faith and Religion in the United States” is an exciting new Interfaith project that has started in Rochester, NY and may be coming to a city near you. Andrew Harrison is traveling the United States looking to interview people of different faiths. His goal is to learn about 12 religions and then humanize each of them. He wants to know how people chose their religion, what they love most about it, and how they practice their faith in today’s society.

“On the Spiritual Road” is focusing on the following faiths/religions:

  1. Christian – Catholic
  2. Christian – Protestant
  3. Christian – Born Again
  4. Native American
  5. Islam
  6. Judaism
  7. Hinduism
  8. Mormon
  9. Buddhism
  10. Scientology
  11. Baha’i
  12. Atheist/Agnostic
  13. Megachurch (he’s thinking of adding this section)


The end result of Andrew’s interviews is going to be a bookumentary (printed book augmented by online videos). Here is an overview video of “On the Spiritual Road,” (3:09).

In an email to us, Andrew said, “I’ve conducted 26 interviews so far. They’ve changed my life.”

Here is a sample of some of the people he’s talked with: A Hindu professor of physics and humanities, an excommunicated (but still practicing) Catholic priest, a Muslim whose father is an Imam and grandmother and uncle are preachers, a Mormon stake president (regional head), a Buddhist CEO, a Chabad Rabbi, a southern Baptist turned Catholic, Born Again’s, a professor of biblical interpretation, a 29-year-old female Baptist pastor, a Bahai leader and two atheists.

Andrew is not a religious scholar or leader, he is a writer, business person and someone looking for the right religious fit. He was born and raised Catholic, migrated to SBNR, but now calls himself a Seeker.

Andrew is also new to the world of Interfaith. He described, “I didn’t know my journey was an Interfaith one until I was introduced to the term a few months ago. It spoke to me then and hasn’t quieted down since. Interfaith is now part of who I am. Society and the world need Interfaith more than ever. I know there are a lot of people with similar questions to mine. I hope my journey can help add a unique flavor and awareness to the Interfaith dialogue.”

Andrew is looking to the Interfaith community for help. He hopes we can connect him to potential interviewees as well as to places he can experience religious traditions. Please help spread the word.


For more information:


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One thought on “New Initiative: “On the Spiritual Road: Seeking Faith and Religion in the United States”

  1. What a wonderful project ! I’m a little bit jealous you get to meet and speak with all these wonderful people .. 🙂 Looking forward to the results.

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