State of Formation is Hiring

Job Description: Communications Assistant, State of Formation

Responsibilities: The Communications Assistant for State of Formation is responsible for managing the online presence of State of Formation and attracting new Contributing Scholars.  Working closely with the Managing Editor, the Communications Assistant will work on the following key tasks:

  • Sending a “call for contributors” to key individual and organizational partners

  • Managing the Facebook and Twitter accounts, updating multiple times per week

  • Creating and distributing the weekly State of Formation newsletter

Skills Required: The ideal Communications Assistant will have strong attention to detail, will work well with limited collaboration, and will be passionate about the values that State of Formation seeks to foster. State of Formation is a small organization and values the input of all employees regarding its future direction. However, the Communications Assistant will be primarily concerned with day-to-day tasks ensuring the smooth functioning, and growth, of the site and its community of Contributing Scholars.

Communications Assistant Tasks:

  • Sending “call for contributors” to various contacts (current contributors, individuals and organizational partners)

  • Develop relationships with other interfaith organizations

    • Solidify relationships to re-post SoF content

  • Create list of organizational contacts that the bi-annual call for contributors can be distributed to.

  • During slow seasons, reach out to promising Contributing Scholars (who have not yet written much) to engage them in writing more.

  • Manage SoF Facebook Account

    • Post article of interest concerning religious news/analysis twice daily

    • Re-post strongest content from State of Formation on FB

    • Connect with key interfaith organizational partners (re-posting content as necessary/relevant)

    • Engage with SoF writers as able on FB

  • Twitter

    • Re-post all content from State of Formation on Twitter

    • Follow SoF writers as able

  • Newsletter

    • Re-post top article on weekly SoF newsletter

    • Re-post other relevant SoF (or partner organization) events or resources

  • Help new Contributing Scholars get started on blog

    • Add new applicant to the google groups.

    • Give new applicant WordPress username.

    • Add blog post submitted in application process to WordPress queue.

    • Post Bio and Picture on SoF site

    Position would begin by shadowing current employees on April 1st, 2014, with job to commence June 1st, 2014. Employee will occasionally relieve supervisory input from CIRCLE directors and JIRD staff. Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to and by 2/15/2014.

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