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In recent years, a number of websites have begun to feature inter-religious discourse. The following are among the most well-reputed sites that we know of in the field. However, we are eager for your recommendations about websites of similar merit and would be happy to expand this list — initially compiled by the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue — accordingly.

Beliefnet is one of the foremost commercial websites for inter-religious discourse and learning. In the format of an online magazine, it provides an array of resources for anyone looking to learn about their own faith or another.

Bridge-Builders a top-flight social networking website for inter-religious leaders, professionals, academics, and students. Hosted by the Interfaith Youth Core, it aims to connect members of the emerging Interfaith Youth Movement.

FaithWorld is a blog hosted by Reuters and features brief articles on religion from reporters, activists, and leaders from around the world.

Huffington Post Religion is a section of the Huffington Post featuring a wide-ranging discussion about religion, spirituality, and the ways they influence our lives.

Journal of Comparative Theology is an online publication in which scholars share articles that seek to understand a particular faith in theological dialogue with one or more other religious traditions.

Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue is a forum for academic, social, and timely issues affecting religious communities around the world. Published online, it is designed to increase both the quality and frequency of interchanges between religious groups and their leaders and scholars.

KidSpirit Online is a unique non-profit magazine and community for 11- to15-year-olds. Its goal is to empower young teens to explore values, spirituality and life’s big questions in a non-affiliated and inclusive forum. Each quarterly issue centers on a theme chosen by an all-kid Editorial Board, as well as original artwork, poetry and articles by young contributors around the globe.

Multifaith World is a blog sponsored by the Department of Multifaith Studies and Initiatives of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College that describes discourse and initiatives taking place between religious communities.

On Faith is a blog hosted by The Washington Post and Newsweek Magazine and features brief articles from some of the top thinkers on religion and inter-religious work.

Patheos is a new online destination for exploring, experiencing, and engaging the world’s religions and spiritualities.

Religion Dispatches is a daily online magazine dedicated to the analysis and understanding of religious forces in the world today, highlighting a diversity of progressive voices and aimed at broadening and advancing the public conversation.

Religious Information provides a concise description of the religions of the world with relevant statistics.

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