Worldwide Dialogue

worldwide-ii2A significant number of inter-religious organizations have begun operating around the world to increase religious tolerance and cooperation. Below is a list of well-reputed groups, along with brief excerpts about them, compiled by the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue.

Council for a Parliament of World Religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

The Forum for Discussion of Israel and Palestine is a new independent not-for-profit initiative.  Its remit is to host and facilitate sensitively inter faith dialogue on the Israeli Palestinian conflict, within and between Jews, Christians and Muslims in the UK, and to promote a spirit of co-operation between and within faith communities in the UK, especially within the Church.

The Institute of Interfaith Dialog grew out of the need to address the question, “How can citizens of the world live in peace and harmony?”

Interfaith Youth Core builds mutual respect and pluralism among young people from different religious traditions by empowering them to work together to serve others.

International Council of Christians and Jews’ member organisations world-wide over the past five decades have been successfully engaged in the historic renewal of Jewish-Christian relations. Founded as a reaction to the Holocaust, the Shoah, in the awareness that ways must be found to examine the deeply engrained roots of mistrust, hatred and fear that culminated in one of the worst evils in human history, theologians, historians and educators included the still fragile structure of enlightenment and the human rights movements of the inter-war period.

Interreligious Conference of European Women Theologians is an association of women theologians which aims to strengthen the theological, spiritual, and institutional-political exchange between sisters in Europe. To enable the meeting of people with different spiritual, cultural and religious experiences and traditions, theological reflection grounded in the liberating message for women and men of the holy scriptures is necessary.

Intersections International is dedicated to building respectful relationships among diverse individuals and communities to forge common ground and develop strategies that promote justice, reconciliation, and peace. We are a multi-cultural, multi-faith, global initiative of the Collegiate Church of New York, the oldest corporation in North America dating back to 1628.

Monastic Interreligious Dialogue is an organization of Benedictine and Trappist monks and nuns committed to fostering interreligious and intermonastic dialogue at the level of spiritual practice and experience between North American Catholic monastic women and men and contemplative practitioners of diverse religious traditions.

Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding confronts religious ignorance and violence head-on with results-oriented programs that reduce hatred and produce real change in the way people think and act.

World Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace brings together Imams and Rabbis who formally seek to initiate rapprochement between Judaism and Islam. Three congresses have been held, in Brussels, January 2005, then in Seville, March 2006, and recently in Paris, UNESCO, in December 2008. These gatherings were attended by religious leaders, from over 43 countries, who are actively committed to the path of dialogue between their communities.

World Congress of Religions for Peace is the largest international coalition of representatives from the world’s great religions dedicated to promoting peace. Respecting religious differences while celebrating our common humanity, Religions for Peace is active on every continent and in some of the most troubled areas of the world, creating multi-religious partnerships to confront our most dire issues: stopping war, ending poverty, and protecting the earth.

This, however, is far from an all-inclusive list. If you have had a meaningful inter-religious experience through an organization outside of the United States, please contact us so that we can include them as well.

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